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Tired of getting this look when they find out you are a felon?  


Are you ready for change, to have the life you want?

We are here for you and have rates and have programs everyone can afford. Let's get started changing your life

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Meet the Coaches

Brenda Ring Wood

Brenda Ring Wood known as Bren and the professor of change did 4 years in the Federal Correctional System.  She went in on a 10-count indictment and then got superseded into a 26-count indictment. She walked out with 3 charges and 34 months early on a 78-month sentence. How in the world did that happen?  Her prosecutor listened to her phone calls between her and her legal counsel.  Prosecutorial misconduct. Her rights were violated and she walked out of the prison doors a free woman 34 months early. She contributes her early release as Devine intervention. When she had a changed mindset, changed actions, and a changed heart God opened the prison doors early. She admits that she deserved the sentence she got and more, but a miracle happened and she is paying it forward. 

She is now transforming lives all over the world.  She is the founder of the Becoming the Best You Movement and From felon to Fabulous. You can read more about her on this website or at Her story and the links to her past are on both sites. She is what change looks like. She truly has gone from Felon to Fabulous. Bren is not a coach but will assist in the transformation process and ensure you are paired with the right coach for your journey.


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Terrance Leftridge

Terrance “The Unstoppable Coach” Leftridge, has had a desire to help people, empower people and entertain them his whole life. His intent is to always leave people better off than before they met him. Terrance is a Certified Accountability Coach. His #1 Goal is to help his clients Live Life on the Next Level by partnering with them on their journey to creating, implementing and achieving their visions. He has worked with men and women who are transitioning from working traditional jobs and helped them start successful careers in entrepreneurship.

Erin Paige

Although Erin Paige has never been physically incarcerated she has been incarcerated mentally for years.  She found a way to break through that and became the "Dream Igniter" helping break free of the mental incarcerceration and moving forward in their life.  You can see more about her at

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Cicone Prince

Recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United States.

Cicone Prince is a highly sought after International Motivational Speaker, Award Winning Author, and Personal Development Strategist that helps people take an objective look at themselves. He is the CEO of where their slogan is “Making Motivation Personal by Introducing You to Yourself.”TM


With an Associate’s Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, Mr. Prince has used his love of learning to continue educating himself. He then passes on those lessons via engaging stories and illustration during his motivational speeches. He is also the Host of the Annual Next Level Leadership Summit and the Chief Editor of Next Generation Speakers Magazine.

Mr. Prince is married to Yolanda Prince and they have 5 children, Marcellus, Christin, Jessica, Taylor and Johnathan

Loren Micheals Harris

From 22 Foster Moms to landing himself in prison

To Fabulous.  

Dr. Loren Michaels Harris strives to motivate, inspire, and uplift every person that crosses his

path. Loren is the host of the daily interview talk show, Bathrobe Moments, and is featured on

the e360TV Network, where Loren serves also as an Executive Producer. As a Mentor, Purpose

Discovery Coach, Author, and TV Presenter, Loren has been heard on Larry King Live and NPR

Radio, seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and FOX. Loren has been featured on the covers of

SHIFT Magazine, the first openly gay service member and first African American Man to grace

this magazines cover; Heart of Hollywood Magazine; The Global Achievers Magazine;

Courageous Men Magazine and PEOPLE Magazine.

” He is the founder of The Power of We Symposium which celebrates underserved kids of

color. Loren works with an elite group of coaching clients in honing their Divine Purpose and

then taking that purpose into the world. Slam The Hammer Mastermind, The LMH Coaching

Rockstars, and his Elevate Masterclass, are all paths where Loren utilizes his gifts through a

“paying it forward” mindset. Loren’s motto is: ‘You do the work, and I will provide the stages!’

Loren recently wrapped up the filming the movie Heathen, a made for television movie which

airs on the Peacock Network winter of 2022.

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Dr. La Donya Yvette 

The Clarity Coach - a woman with a purpose and a vision, is the Founder/CEO of iWIN Global Enterprises, an inspirational movement all about G.I.R.L. PowHER (Gladiators Inspire Remarkable Ladies) and Living An Inspired Life. She is also Philosopher & Creator of 'The Y.O.U. Code' - A Global Initiative of a new philosophy of education to discover 'Your Own Uniqueness’, and whose passion is to empower women and girls all over the nations get CLEAR to discover the best version of themselves in order to live a more productive life.

She has earned her Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities from United Graduate College and Seminary International, received Certification of Global High Stakes Dialogue Diplomacy from iChange Nations World Civility, and is Royal Advisor to King Okogyeman Amissah I – Ghana, West Africa.

Dr. La Donya Yvette is also your personal PowHERologist, Philosopher & Creator of The Y.O.U. Code, #1 Leading Authority to Living An Inspired Life, Global Influencer, PowHER U.P. Mastermind Confidence Coach, Certified Life Coach, PWEN Partner, Certified Dreamsteerer Academe’ Instructor, Editor-in-Chief for iWIN Global Magazine, Contributing Writer for Next Generation Speakers Magazine, MizCEO Magazine, Entrepreneur Platform Magazine, and The Breathe Magazine, and is also the creator of Butterfly Beauty Blog and a Voice of Inspiration!

She is also a Published Author of four books including her 2020 latest release of Infinity – A Journey To Becoming, a self-discovery book focusing on 8 Powerful Steps To Live Your Life Inspired, aimed to help individuals achieve unstoppable confidence in order to master your mindset, PowHER U.P. to your Ultimate Potential and find your purpose through the Gift of inspiration to create a ripple effect that will impact the world.

Most people know her as a charismatic woman of God who lives by the Golden Rule, Civility and Honoring Humanity. Likewise, her dream and passion is to change lives one inspiration at a time.

Her message is simple: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. You definitely CAN have it all by Living An Inspired Life!

“Be a beacon of light and hope for others. When you touch the soul of a person and lead with love, you become unforgettable.” – Dr. La Donya Yvette

What are you waiting for?

A better life is waiting or you right now!

Chuck Doyle

Chuck Doyle aka Coffee Cup Chuck

My name is Chuck Doyle (Aka Coffee Cup Chuck). I am part owner in an electrical/lighting company called Lumenus Technologies, the founder of an Investment Group called ‘TAMIC’ (The American Mastermind Investment Club), the host of a podcast called, The First Cup KC, a rising social media influencer and speaker. My friends call me Mr. Mindset because I spend most of my days preaching about the importance of positive thinking and the power of controlling your own mind. I believe that the mindset is the compass that leads you to were ever you what to go in life. I am the true example of this belief. I can help make you an example as well. I was a repeat offender and in prison at a young age and my last stint broke me in the Feds. I changed.  I am not that person anymore and have the life I want now.  It took work, it took commitment.  You can do it to.

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Anthony Russo

Anthony Russo - is a leadership and performance based motivational speaker that also speaks on the importance of  purpose and overcoming struggle.  Anthony previously owned Identity Marketing, a Dallas based experiential staffing agency that had over 2,000 active independent contractors and over 7 figures in revenue for almost a decade.  He started that 7-figure business with zero capital and one client, growing it to 1 million dollars in a matter of 18 months. Anthony is the founder of #BeTheChange, an action based movement that focus’ on action over awareness.  His personal motivational speaking speaks on the positivity of failure and the lesson’s that can come from it.  He preaches the power we have as humans to fail, overcome and repeat.  Ultimately, to be the change it comes from within.  For the last 15 years Anthony has been a professional host and emcee for major national events including NCAA championships, major concerts and charitable events.  You can find more information on Anthony at and 

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